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SJ Roofing are specialist Butynol suppliers and are Ardex approved applicators.

Ardex Butynol is a butyl rubber waterproofing membrane engineered for roofs, decks and water containment.  It is BRANZ appraised and is an E2/AS1 acceptable solution

It's renowned for its strength, versatility and watertightness. It has a long, proud history and an unmatched record of success in the waterproofing industry. 

Butynol® is a synthetic rubber membrane which resists ageing from 
  • heat 
  • sunlight 
  • ozone 

It is proven the world over to provide a durable, extremely long-lasting roofing system with the flexibility to conform to the shape of virtually any roofing profile. It has excellent gas impermeability and toughness and remains flexible at low temperatures. 
Butynol Roofing Upper Hutt
Regardless of whether it’s laid on a high pitched roof with a good run off or a flat roof subject to periodic ponding, Butynol® will protect against water. Because it has a potable water certificate it can be used on roofs that feed water tanks used for drinking water.

Ardex recommend that the membrane should always be fixed by approved Applicators like SJ Roofing because we have been specially trained and are experienced in various application methods. 

Butynol has been appraised and approved by BRANZ for use in New Zealand.  It's also the only butyl product manufactured in New Zealand.

If you'd like to discuss whether Butynol is the right solution for your situation contact us today for a friendly chat.